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Links for Memorial day from Zu Shlichut
Links for Memorial day from Zu Shlichut
links to many sites in lots of langueges by ages for Memorial day prepared by the Jewish Agecncy Shlichim Support department in their monthly email "Zu Shlichut"


Centrality Of The Beit Hamikdash And Yerushal...

Chevraya Aleph: Grades 1-6

Goal: To teach the chanichim the central role Yerushalayim plays in the Jewish world, and how this is seen through Aliyah L’Regel, and in Shmoneh Esreh.

Zach Grades 7-8

Goal: To teach the chanichim the centrality of Yerushalayim and the Beit Hamikdash, and how we should always be focused on it (whether by living there or by keeping it in our minds).

Chevraya Bet Grades 9-12

Goal: For the chanichim to understand why it is that all Jews, religious and secular alike, feel a kesher with Yerushalayim and see it as the center of the Jewish World

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Seder Signs

סימני הסדר בציורים מקסימים שאפשר להדפיס ולקשט בהם את בית הספר או הסניף לכבוד חג הפסח

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