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We will remember all of them
We will remember all of them
Name list of all the soldiers who were killed in the israeli wars, their pictures and their life stories. Missives and letters to the bereaved famlies from "Sar Habitachon" (The security minister) Information about Yom Hazikaron Haklali

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Torah Et Environnement

En tant que juif, nous ne devons pas salir la terre qu’H nous a laissée.

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Quiz Tou Bishvat

quizz tou bishvat

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Ilan Ramon Z”l- I’m Going To Israel And I’m B...

To understand what was so special about Ilan Ramon

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2bshvat & Rosh-pinna…

GOAL: So… the goal is that the Chanichim will understand how deep is the connection between Am-Yisrael and Eretz-Yisrael and how trees are helping that connection and making it stronger. The city that we are going to talk about is called Rosh-Pinna- One of the best examples for people who got connected to their land through trees.

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The Chalutzim & Tu Beshvat

Tu Bi’shvat =tree planting= the best way to show that Hashem gave US Israel.  (trees show ownership over the land). And who planted trees and settled

Israel? The chalutzim.

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