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Jafi- Hatikva
Jafi- Hatikva
How to sing & play the "Hatikva" the Israeli anthum, and what is the history behind it
JR- Jewish - Holocaust
166 links to learn about the Holocaust. Site languages include English, Hebrew, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
WEJEW- Jewish Movies
WEJEW- Jewish Movies
Movies about the the jewish history, israel etc.
Diffrent quiz about Israel
Yoni Netanyahu
Yoni Netanyahu
the official site for Yoni Netanyahu
The History of the Jewish People
The History of the Jewish People
dates & general information about jewish history
Together Celebrating Israel's 60 years
Together Celebrating Israel's 60 years
The Jewish Agency history since 1948
Kever Rachel Imeinu
Kever Rachel Imeinu
Pics, information, etc about Rachel Imeinu on the official site of Kever Rachel.


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Opening Activity For Jerusalem Day

The Chanichim will get more knowledge about


The Chanichim will understand the importance of the KOTEL as a holly place for the Jews.

 The Chanichim will understand the importance of 

Jerusalem and it  spiritual specialty.

 The Chanichim will understand what the special day for

Jerusalem mean.

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Short Article

Aliyaah During Worl War Ii And Its Aftermath ...

To teach chanachim about the basic facts on Aliyaah during the 2nd World War.

Ages: 12-187577 viewsView DetailsView

Poraz Family Movie for Memorial Day

סרט על סיפורה של משפחת פורז על נפילת האב והבן

Ages: 12-1003786 viewsView DetailsView
Ages: 10-182847 viewsView DetailsView
Source Sheet

Questions For Children – Megillat Ruth

To understand the story of Ruth

Ages: 10-1414446 viewsView DetailsView