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Bnei Akiva

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Aims of the meeting:

To show the importance of having respect for ones fellow manTo try and relate the theme to Bnei AkivaTo make the Chanachim aware that Madrachim are human beings with feeling, and they should become more sensitive to other people.

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What Is In A Flag

The chanichim will understand the why it is important to have a flag.

The chanichim will know that whats behind what eyes can see is more important

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The First Snif- Alef


The chanichim will have fun ,meet the group and the madrichThe chanich will come again to the next activity.The chanich will get gain information about rosh hashana.

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Opening Peolah

get to know the chanichim & madrichim

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Bnei Akiva In A Nutshell

Aleph: To learn as to what Bnei Akiva is all about! To learn about the semel and its significance. To understand what exactly is Torah veAvodah? Bet: To understand what exactly is Torah veAvodah?

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