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The Religious Zionism Debate
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Bnei Akiva

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Peula- Chevraya Zach

Goal: To teach the chanichim about Rav Kook and why he is so great to be the Rebbe of Bnei Akiva

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About Bnei Akiva

teach the chanichim a bit about bnei Akiva (on a very basic level) and its function around the world.

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The Importance Of Names-rabi Akiva & Bnei Aki...

To become familiar with Rabbi Akiva and to understand the reasons that the תנועה is names after him, and to understand the importance of names in general.

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Bnei R Akiva

Goal:  To discuss why our tnua is named after Rabbi Akiva, to review the meaning

behind Bnei Akiva rites and rituals.

Peulah:  You know your kvutza (e.g. whether they are active, contemplative, etc.) – select ONE of these peulot and adapt it as appropriate.  You may be able to get through both peulot but more likely, one will take up the majority of your time, and you do want to save some time for going through and explaining the “rites” and “rituals”

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Opening Peolah

get to know the chanichim & madrichim

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