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Yoni Netanyahu
Yoni Netanyahu
the official site for Yoni Netanyahu
Leadel- Jewish Leadership
Leadel- Jewish Leadership
videos etc about Jewish Leadreship of then and now
An excellent website for madricim. Contain Peulot, programs, articles etc.

Between Man and Himself

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Red Fish, Blue Fish, One Fish, Two Fish: We N...

To teach the kids that we are all unique and special individuals and we should embrace our own individuality

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Personal Values And Choices

Teach the chanachim about personal values through different scenarios and weighing out the possibilities of the different reactions.

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Leadership Programme - Responsibility

1) -The Chanich will understand the connection between the trust placed on a person and that persons mission.

2)- The chanich will understand that taking responsibility follows giving responsibility, and what are the borders of responsibility.

3)- An understanding of what is social responsibility, and that its derivative is social action!

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Love Story...or Is It?

To teach the chanachim about the problems of mixed marriage - through the story.

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Dugma Ishit

The chanichim should understand that although a dugma ishit is very important, an ishiut shedugma is on a much higher level. We should always be looking to learn lessons from those that have dugma ishit; however, we should look to an ishiut shedugma when we are looking for someone to emulate, for someone to be our role model.

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