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Leadel- Jewish Leadership
Leadel- Jewish Leadership
videos etc about Jewish Leadreship of then and now
Yoni Netanyahu
Yoni Netanyahu
the official site for Yoni Netanyahu
An excellent website for madricim. Contain Peulot, programs, articles etc.

Between Man and Himself

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Ve Nahafuch Hu

GOAL-to teach the chanichim what "Vnahafoch hu is really about

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Coffee, Eggs Or Carrots?

So how do YOU handle adversity?Are you a Carrot...Egg...or a Coffee Bean?

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Ages: 6-205372 viewsView DetailsView

Love Story...or Is It?

To teach the chanachim about the problems of mixed marriage - through the story.

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Mitzvot Bein Adom Lechaveiro

To get people to be nicer to each other

To realise that it isnt just a nice idea to be nice to each other but so much more

To learn that without loving yourself first there is no mitzvah

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