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Leadel- Jewish Leadership
Leadel- Jewish Leadership
videos etc about Jewish Leadreship of then and now
Yoni Netanyahu
Yoni Netanyahu
the official site for Yoni Netanyahu
An excellent website for madricim. Contain Peulot, programs, articles etc.

Between Man and Himself

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Chanuka--what Really Happened There

Teach about the Gevura of the Maccabim, as well as about the story of Chanuka

Ages: 8-1210994 viewsView DetailsView

The Power Of Speech

Goals: Aleph:1. To learn about Lashon Hara

2. To understand that speech is precious

Bet: 1. To understand the power that speech holds

2. To learn about the dangers of Lashon Hara

Ages: 7-175520 viewsView DetailsView

Am I Doing Enough

To get the Chanichim thinking about the ways people help Israel. Maybe find ways for them to help even more then they do today.

Ages: 8-127723 viewsView DetailsView

Or Lagoyim


(1) The chanichim will discuss the different ways in which one can fulfill the role of being an Or Lagoyim.

(2) The chanichim will realize that they can affect change in the world, and will think of an Or Lagoyim project that they can implement in Camp this summer.

Ages: 12-157543 viewsView DetailsView


The chanichim will leave this peula inspired to step up as leaders in their communities and schools. They will gain knowledge of different leadership qualities and how these can be used in positive ways, but also in negative ways. They will be able to apply these leadership traits in different hadracha and life scenarios

Ages: 13-145913 viewsView DetailsView