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Leadel- Jewish Leadership
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Yoni Netanyahu
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Between Man and Himself

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Modern Maccabee

The Chanichim will learn 4 aspects of the Maccabim that we need to emulate in our day:

1. The Torah is meant to infuse every part of our lives as individuals and as a nation.

2. In everything we do, we cant just leave it up to Hashem, we have to also put in our own effort

3. We need to stand up for our beliefs, even when many others might not agree.

4. We need to realize the importance of Jewish sovereignty- of being in charge of our own destiny

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Respecting Others

Goal: Getting the children to respect other people who are different from ourselves (but of course, the catch is.... we're all different, but we'll get to that later).

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The Power Of Speech

Goals: Aleph:1. To learn about Lashon Hara

2. To understand that speech is precious

Bet: 1. To understand the power that speech holds

2. To learn about the dangers of Lashon Hara

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Play / skit
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