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This website has been created to enable youth groups from around the world to have a central place in which to store, collect and share games. The goal of the games is to unify the children. Examles for games; beat it, samurai, concentration and more.
This site is built to allow leaders to share programmes and also to act as an archive of programmes that have been written previously. The site includes programmes on: jewis identity, Zionism, alyiah, israel and games
An excellent website for madricim. Contain Peulot, programs, articles etc.

Bein Adam l'Chavero

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G. 42. Orchestra

Working together to the best of one's ability and accepting leadership is like making music. This game is a great outlet for energy and enhances the dynamics of working together.

Ages: 10-182898 viewsView DetailsView

Jewish Geography

Goal: For chevraya aleph, the goal is to familiarize them with some of the worldwide Jewish causes and to emphasize that we have a connection will all Jews all over the world. For Zach, the goal is to go a make the sicha a little deeper and debate the issues; how much should we be involved in causes halfway across the world when we have so many things to be involved in right near us at home?

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One For All And All For One.

Goal: the chanichim should understand that each one can hurt the whole class and it is ones power to help the whole class/ group/ friends as well

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To teach the chanachim that they have to listen to one another and how to go about it.

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Jerusalem And Unity

To teach the chanichim about the essential nature of unity in Jerusalem

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