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This site is built to allow leaders to share programmes and also to act as an archive of programmes that have been written previously. The site includes programmes on: jewis identity, Zionism, alyiah, israel and games
kef kef kef
kef kef kef
This website has been created to enable youth groups from around the world to have a central place in which to store, collect and share games. The goal of the games is to unify the children. Examles for games; beat it, samurai, concentration and more.
An excellent website for madricim. Contain Peulot, programs, articles etc.

Bein Adam l'Chavero

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G. 43. Acronyms

This is a good activity for collective effort as well as for review - in a longer programmed.

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I Care!!!

The goal:

Each day we find people that dont care enough about things around them.

Your Chanichim will understand, that we have to learn to take care about the people around us, and to think about them sometimes, like we want them to think about us. If we want a healthy and good society, we have to work on our Midot! .

We need to pay attention not only for our selfs, and family. We need to pay attention also for people that we dont know, and to take care for them, too.

The Chanichim will understand, that to take care isnt only in the big things, it is also in the little things, during the day, and we need to get use to this idea.

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"all For One And One For All"

Goal: Proving to the chanichim that we should be all for one and one for all. Working together is usually the best solution.

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Stereotypes In Judaism

1. To show the chanichim that they have already been taught certain stereotypes about other groups within Judaism.2. To try to understand the truth behind these stereotypes and to focus on positives aspects of other groups so that we can better relate to them.

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Jews And People Of The World

To identify those areas in which we can learn from our non-Jewish teachers and acquaintances, as well as the limits we must place on our interaction with these individuals

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