Drop The Handkerchief - גולם במעגל

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Resource Type: Game in: English
Age: 10-18
Group Size: 10-55
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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DROP THE HANDKERCHIEF (Variation of Duck--Duck--Goose) TYPE: Active Play in a circle All of the players but one are seated. That player (player A) walks around the outside of the circle holding a handkerchief behind his back. At any time he chooses, he drops the handkerchief behind any player. That player (player B) gets up, picks up the handkerchief, and runs after player A trying to tag him. If he succeeds before player A gets back to player B's seat (by running around the circle), player A must once again go around the circle. But, if player A makes it to player B's seat without being tagged, player B must go around with the handkerchief and the game starts all over again

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(Variation of Duck--Duck--Goose)

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