The Reign Of Shlomo

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Resource Goal


To learn about the reign of Shlomo

To discuss the centrality of the Beit Hamikdash to the Jewish people

To discuss perfection in relation to Shlomos reign

Resource Contents


Tag! Everyone loves the classic game of tag, but what does tag have to do with the Beit Hamikdash? In truth, nothing, but hey, anything is possible. First play a game of tag with no home base. Then play another game of tag with a home base. Huh? Where is this going you may ask? The discussion now kicks in: wasnt it easier to play tag when you had somewhere to run to, a home base. It gave a sense of comfort and the security. Now once you have aroused your chanichims curiosity make way for the sicha!

Discussion Points/Conclusion

Why is it important to have a home/ safe haven? Wasnt tag a lot easier when you had a safe place to run to?

Before the Beit Hamikdash was built the Jews had no place to run to in times of trouble. With the Beit Mikdash they could go and atone, or go to the Sanhedrin, they could seek advice from cohanim. It was a spiritual safe haven for the Jews. Right now it is as if we are playing tag with no home free.

The next part of the sicha is not connected to the game so if your chanichim were restless during the first part of the sicha which is imperative to the success of the peulah this last part can be left out.

Why is the reign of Shlomo considered one of the best times for the Jewish people? (see first paragraph below for answer)

Do you think anything was missing from Shlomos rule?

Do you agree that this is the best time for the Jews in history?

970- 931 BCE The Reign of King Shlomo

950 BCE Shlomo Commences the Building of the First Temple

931 BCE The Division of the Kingdom into Israel and Judah

(Melachim Aleph)

The reign of Shlomo was probably the best time for Jews throughout all of history. They were living with peace, prosperity, independence and wealth in a Jewish state. They were an example to the rest of the world, and they had a wise and just leader.

When Shlomo wanted to build the beit hamikdash he contacted Chiram melech Tzur, a friend of Davids. He reminds Chiram of his friendship with David, and that David could not build the temple because of the wars he fought. Chiram then agrees to help Shlomo build the temple.

The Beit Hamikdash was a massive, beautiful and extremely expensive building. Made of the finest materials, such as, pure gold and Lebanese cedar wood. It took seven years to be completed. Shlomo then also builds his own palace and a court house.

After the building is completed the dedication of the temple is performed on succot. There are many sacrifices, and a whole speech by Shlomo. The celebration lasts 14 days.

The Queen of Sheba visits Jerusalem. She is amazed by the prosperity of the kingdom and the wisdom of Shlomo.

At the end of Shlomos reign Achia the Shilonite prophecies that Israel will be divided into two kingdoms, Israel and Judah. (Jerusalem will become Judahs capital) This prophecy becomes true later in the sefer.

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