Pesach And Leadership

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Resource Type: Peula in: English
Age: 8-12
Group Size: 6-12
Estimated Time: 30 minutes

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Resource Goal
the chanichim should think about the importance of leadership and how

leadership impacted Yetziat Mitzrayim and the Jewish people today. They also

should think about how they can lead their friends and community too.

Required Props & Materials
As many pieces of paper as there are players. Write "cure"

on all but one of them, and a problem, like "mosquito bite" or "fever" on


Resource Contents
Game 1. Follow the leader. Everyone is in a circle with one person outside.

The group quietly chooses a leader and calls the chanich outside back in. The

group follows the leader doing various actions until the chanich guesses who

the leader is.


Game 2: Yes Let’s: Pick a group activity, like cooking a meal or...I don't

know, maybe leaving Egypt?  One chanich starts, saying "Let's ..." filling in

what she wants to do. Then she starts actually doing what she said she wanted

to do. A second player jumps in, saying "Let's ..." do something else, to

advance the group activity. Both players say "Yes, let's do that" and start

doing whatever suggested. Third player jumps in, suggests what to do, and

again all players loudly agree to do it, and actually do it. Continue till

everyone has suggested something. With grades 5-6, give the chanichim the

option of individually saying, "Let's not" and sitting an activity out if

they don't think it will help complete the activity.


Game 3: Each player chooses a piece of paper, but no-one knows who's got the

disease. Then as a team, without talking or the person who has the disease

saying so, and without anyone showing their piece of paper, find the disease

and cure it.


Sicha: Each of these games showed different leadership styles. What are some

of the leadership styles in these games? How were the leaders chosen in these

games? Was there always one leader? Are the people who refuse to be led

leaders themselves? What does that do to the team? Who is a leader? Explain

to the chanichim that in Yetziat Mitzrayim and the Pesach story, Moshe was a

great leader of the people and was chosen by G-d but there were other leaders

too - Aharon (also chosen by God), Nachshon ben Aminadav, Miriam, Chur, etc.

Who are some other leaders of the Jewish people that they can think of today?

[Guide the discussion towards all sorts of leaders - presidents of shuls,

teachers, people who run organizations, Rabbis, etc]. What are some ways that

chanichim can be leaders?


Conclusion: Anyone can be a leader when the situation calls for it, and we can

build on our own strengths to lead, and we can even surprise ourselves when

we're called upon to lead with how great things can turn out and what we can

learn and do. Am Yisrael needs strong leaders these days who are passionate

and committed to leading in different ways and different realms. Everyone can

and should step up as much as they can to lead as best they can in the ways

that they can and help make the world a better place.



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